Elliott Moody
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You’re hired! Introducing the new TBI Jobs page, with transparent salaries and image-led listings

After lots of planning, and countless hours in design and development, we are thrilled to announce that our jobs page has finally launched. Go check it out in the top right! But before you do that, hang around here if you would like to learn more about the thinking behind it all.

“Have you seen any job openings recently?” and “Can you re-post our job ad for us?” have been some of our most frequent DM’s over the years, so it’s safe to say that building a jobs page has been firmly in our minds for quite some time. With a global community of graphic designers, studios and brands visiting and featured on this site daily, it’s always felt like a natural addition for us at The Brand Identity. However, we were determined to create something different to what already exists. Something that feels distinctly us. Something that’s tailored for the graphic design industry, not the whole creative industry. So, over the past year, we took our time to carefully consider it.

One of the key takeaways from our research was that most job pages fail to give an instant impression of the hiring company. They leave questions unanswered: “Who actually is this company?”, “What are the people actually like?” and “What kind of work do they actually do?” It takes multiple clicks before you can even get a glimpse of their personality. While this may be okay in some industries, it simply doesnt work for us in graphic design. As a community of visually-driven, creative individuals, we believe its crucial to know if a company aligns with our values, and that comes through the appearance of their workspace, the clients they serve, the aesthetic of their work, and more – not just their logo and location.

As a result, we have made sure that our job listings are both nice to look at and functional at the same time. Big, bright imagery is the first thing you see, followed by clear typographic hierarchies, image carousels and key information, prominently displayed. This aims to provide that instant impression of the company and what it might be like to work there, along with all of the information you would expect to find out about the role, such as the job title, working hours and salary.

Speaking of salaries, we firmly believe that applicants deserve to know what is on offer before applying and interviewing. Therefore, we have made it mandatory for every job to include at least a salary range. This ensures transparency right from the beginning, saving both parties the hassle of going through the application and interview process only to find out they have different expectations.

When it comes to posting a job, we discovered that not all hiring companies want to run a 30-day listing and wait for a full month to find the right candidate. Sometimes, theres an urgent need for a freelancer to kick-start a new project. As a result, we have incorporated flexibility into the job posting process, with three distinct options: 30-day, 15-day, and 5-day listings, with a fair and flexible pricing model.

Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoy our new addition!