Poppy Thaxter
0 min read bring two-tone clarity to Buynomics with their light-mode, dark-mode identity system bring two-tone clarity to Buynomics with their light-mode, dark-mode identity system

Buynomics is an end-to-end revenue optimisation service for various industries that answers the question: “what will customers buy?” Its innovative ‘Virtual Customer Technology’ enables fast and highly accurate commercial decisions by creating limitless virtual customers that act just like real ones, foreseeing consumer behaviour transparently and straightforwardly. With a goal of enabling companies to make data-driven, transparent, and customer-centric commercial decisions, it was essential for Buynomics to mirror this in its own branding. 

As part of a series of funding rounds, Berlin-based branding agency were invited to rebrand the revenue optimisation tool. Whilst Buynomics had already defined its market segment and potential customer structures, the agency’s analysis revealed that the brand image blended in with its competition; lacking any distinctive, striking and memorable features. In response, the team have delivered a sharpened visual and verbal language that clearly reflects the company’s purpose. 

Leading the way, a two-coloured theme allows for a two-layered communication approach; the light theme relates to all corporate topics, while the dark theme is associated with Buynomics as a software solution for revenue optimisation. For this to work, carefully developed an accompanying colour palette that works in both light and dark-themed environments. A selection of colours and tints can be used to categorise and highlight content as necessary whilst unifying the brand elements seamlessly. Other visual accents draw from computer terminals and consoles used in programming, incorporated to underline Buynomics’ AI-driven services while also picking up cues from the company’s values.

The typographic direction, like the rest of the visual elements, provides a technical character without being too intrusive. This is achieved thanks to the strong typographic details and symmetrical structure of WELTKERN’s TWK Everett. Designed by Nolan Paparelli, the coherent and versatile family is used throughout the identity and modified to enhance legibility in smaller sizes as well as to create a distinctive wordmark.

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TWK Everett by WELTKERN®