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Cast Iron Design uses the world’s first algae-based offset ink for Patagonia’s Boulder Guide Book

Boulder, Colorado-based studio Cast Iron Design was tasked by Patagonia with the design of a guidebook for their hometown. The aim of booklet is to deliver maximum functionality and provide a better experience for the cartophile, catering to various points of interest ranging from ‘across the street’ to ‘an hour drive’.

The opportunity to work with Patagonia, a company already so dedicated to helping the environment in their own right, made sure Cast Iron could push the sustainability envelope. They contacted Living Ink, a company that has been developing algae-based pigments since 2013. Algae-based ink is significant because it replaces the petroleum-based pigments used in conventional offset ink and has a smaller carbon footprint.

They contacted local and longtime print partner D&K Printing, who were willing to take on the job and associated risks. After a successful test run, 8,000 booklets were printed on a 100% PCW recycled paper, making the pocket-size guidebook the world’s first use of algae-based offset ink. Small victories like this push the industry towards a more sustainable future.

Print: D&K Printing
Paper: Kraft-Tone by French Paper Co.
Typefaces: Hermes Condensed by Optimo Type Foundry / Whyte Inktrap by Dinamo / Stratos by Production Type

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