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Ben Mingo creates a simple canvas for David William Baum’s fashion, still life and landscape photography

Digital, Identity, Print

BACK IN STOCK: The Process + The Process Two


Cast Iron Design’s packaging for Byte Bars takes us on a¬†psychedelic journey back to the ’60s

Identity, Packaging, Print

Callin Mackintosh’s lookbook for a graduate fashion designer displays the consuming nature of grief


Studio Lowrie’s book for WG+P Architects challenges the traditional aesthetic of a monograph


THE INBOX: Five new projects including Hydrant by Maven Creative

Identity, Packaging, Print

Studio Brave’s identity for Derek Swalwell reflects the photographer’s love for retro Californian signage

Identity, Print

Ragged Edge’s identity for multivitamin company Heights is inspired by the brain’s neuroplasticity

Environment, Identity, Packaging

Spiky type and delicate drawings lead Marina Veziko’s identity for a Helsinki Design Week exhibition¬†

Digital, Identity, Print

M.Giesser removes the clutter from Flack Studio’s identity and places the emphasis back on their work

Digital, Identity, Print, Typeface