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Heydays devise a generative identity system for Scandinavian digital marketing agency Generaxion

Digital, Environment, Identity, Print

The Process books: unused and unseen ideas from the branding process of leading design studios


Saint Urbain’s appropriately vibrant brand for Ipanema brings Brazilian energy to Connecticut 

Environment, Identity, Print

Clase’s identity for design and architecture PR firm Labóh portrays a characterful dependability

Digital, Identity, Print

THE INBOX: Five new projects including Figment by Foreign Policy

Identity, Print

Olssøn Barbieri brands Ambijus in a dreamy display of abstract illustration and refined typography

Identity, Packaging, Print

Maximilian Mauracher and David Rindlisbacher embrace contrast and augmented reality for ENT005

Digital, Identity, Print

Jamie Rickett designs a laid back identity for Flore Directory’s collection of responsible brands

Digital, Identity, Print

COLLINS and Dinamo make the classical contemporary in their responsive identity for SF Symphony

Digital, Environment, Identity, Print, Typeface

Pentagram’s rebrand of Frieze brings the multifaceted company together with a bespoke type family

Digital, Environment, Identity, Print, Typeface