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Studio8585’s identity for The Audo embodies a sense of community, creativity and collaboration

Identity, Print

The Process + The Process Two – unused and unseen ideas from the world’s leading design studios


DDB Vilnius capture the flow of life with a generative tool for Lithuanian business centre Artery

Environment, Identity, Print

Decade choose subtlety over decadence in their quiet identity for designer homeware brand Mkt

Digital, Identity, Print

Brand Brothers’ identity for Apocope deliberately contradicts the minimalist products it represents

Environment, Identity, Print

Design, Diversity & Definitions: Tré Seals on inclusion and contrast within the creative industry

Insight, Partnership

PARSONS’ bold identity for HERO aims to capture the conversation between consumer and company

Digital, Identity, Print

NEW STANDARD.S’ Maximilian Mauracher on pushing creativity in the fight against climate change


Ensemble pair poetry and pragmatism in their placid identity for luxury bedding company Santi

Identity, Packaging, Print

A New Kind of Kick’s sophisticated identity for Brains Pure CBD avoids typical cannabis tropes

Digital, Environment, Identity, Packaging, Print