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Never Now’s identity for homeware store Pan After is a melting pot of clashing typography and colour

Environment, Identity, Print

THE TEMPLATES is a collection of customisable imagery created to showcase artwork


The type specimen for Colophon Foundry’s Mabry comes with its own OPEN/CLOSED window sign

Print, Typeface

dn&co gets London’s Museum of the Home ready for its reopening with a shadow-inspired rebrand

Digital, Environment, Identity, Print, Typeface

The New York Subliners land in the Call of Duty League with an identity by Mother Design

Identity, Typeface

Erik Herrström captures EMIR’s sound through a contemporary take on blackletter typography

Identity, Packaging, Print

HOLT’s identity for luxury grooming brand Morris Motley is as masculine as it is scientific

Identity, Packaging, Print

Social Paper explores the communities within China’s most progressive cultural industries

Identity, Print

THE INBOX: Five new projects including Good Pair Days by Universal Favourite

Environment, Identity, Packaging, Print

Rikard Ahlberg on how BVD’s philosophy ‘Simplify to Clarify’ has helped clients like IKEA and 7-Eleven