The Brand Identity

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Return to shop’s Syndicat Grotesk is inspired by New York City’s hodgepodge visual culture


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THE INBOX: Five new projects including Upper Festival by Radość Agency

Environment, Identity, Print

LEÓN ROMERO aims to place Lanzarote on the cultural map with their identity for its arts festival

Digital, Environment, Identity, Print

Julia’s identity for Divario places the emphasis on the venue’s diverse exhibition programme

Digital, Environment, Identity, Print

With Projects’ clock-inspired identity for Nonfiction encourages slowing down in our fast-paced world

Digital, Identity, Packaging

Goods develops the packaging for a vegan skincare range by Norway’s largest pharmacy chain

Identity, Packaging

Caserne designs the identity for Arthur Jafa’s Love Is the Message, the Message Is Death exhibition

Environment, Identity, Print

M — N Associates’ identity for GUTA stems from the iconic stools used by Vietnam’s coffee drinkers

Environment, Identity, Print, Typeface

July creates a multi-faceted identity for tapas bar Taza Flores that represents its Moroccan origins

Environment, Identity, Print