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Baillat designs Age of Union, a guidebook to igniting change by tech entrepreneur Dax Dasilva

Age of Union: Igniting the Changemaker is the first book from Dax Dasilva, an entrepreneur and founder of Lightspeed and Montreal’s Never Apart gallery. Lightspeed’s cloud-based e-commerce platform is used by retail stores and restaurants in over a hundred countries, while Never Apart, a cultural non-profit gallery, delivers positive social change and unity through an original exhibition programme.

As an LGBTQ ambassador, a conservationist, a person of faith, and a vegan, Dasilva has proven how committing to a lifestyle that values community, trust and giving can lead to a life of purpose and collective enrichment. Age of Union draws on his personal and philosophical viewpoint, detailing how we can initiate positive progress in our world. Grounded in four pillars: leadership, culture, spirituality, and nature, the book advocates that the time for change is now and that our choices are the catalyst.

Montreal-based studio Baillat designed both the hardcover artbook version and the trade version of the book, which respectively feature a typographic foiled and illustrative cover. Age of Unions brings nine contemporary artists from varying fields, including Neil Krug and Nik Mirus, together through a dozen original pieces. The striking colours contained in each piece, combined with those found throughout, produce a powerful chromatic experience. Immersive illustrations by Stéphane Poirier bridge together the wide range of imagery and text.

Typeface: DuNord by Playtype
Illustration: Stéphane Poirier
Publisher: Anteism


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