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Ben Mingo creates a simple canvas for David William Baum’s fashion, still life and landscape photography

David William Baum is a photographer and creative director that works from New York, San Francisco and his base in Los Angeles. His fashion, still life and landscape-focused portfolio includes commissions from the likes of online retailer Everlane and luxury leather brand Shinola.

Baum’s visual identity, by Los Angeles-based designer Ben Mingo, provides a simple canvas that highlights the quality of his work. His new website explores contrasts of scale as its primary theme. All the imagery is mixed up, small and unorganised, but as you head deeper into the site, content becomes larger and more structured. Commercial Type’s Styrene, an intentionally awkward sans serif family with wider ‘A’ and narrower ‘B’ versions, adds a clean, geometric quality and provides an anchor for the kinetic imagery.

Web development: Tim Roussilhe
Typeface: Styrene A/B by Commercial Type

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