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Crouwel, Rams and Teenage Engineering inspire Lundqvist & Dallyn’s angular display typeface Dygn

Dygn is an angular display typeface from Oxfordshire-based duo Sara Lundqvist and Sam Dallyn, who together, form the design studio Lundqvist & Dallyn. The name ‘Dygn’, which translates from Swedish to mean ‘one day and one night’, “played nicely into the futuristic aesthetic”, Dallyn explains. With inspirations ranging from Wim Crouwel and Dieter Rams to the products of Teenage Engineering, they aimed to produce a typeface reminiscent of a visual style “that might exist in the not too distant future”.

The typeface began with the lowercase ‘o’, which with its 45° slopes, informed the sharp, angular approach found throughout the design. “The goal was always to have the type shapes extruded into 3D”, Dallyn reveals, “so that drove the idea of simplistic sci-fi-ish forms”. They worked closely with Mark Dearman to model the 3D version of the typeface in Houdini, while the flat letterforms were conceived in Adobe Illustrator and refined in Glyphs Mini.

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