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Maximilian Mauracher and David Rindlisbacher embrace contrast and augmented reality for ENT005

In releasing their fifth album ENT005, Berlin and Vienna-based publication, platform and record label ENTKUNSTUNG enlisted the help of designers Maximilian Mauracher and David Rindlisbacher. Based in Berlin and Lisbon, the pair crafted a unique experiential record that dances between graphic murmurations and contrary stark typography, whilst the music itself plays amongst techno and ambience.

Physically consisting of a transparent 12” vinyl and 16-page booklet, the project is truly brought to life by an AR app showcasing the work of Berlin-based visual artist Herwig Scherabon, who the duo enlisted to develop audio-reactive organic renderings in response to each individual track. Each animation morphs into one another, Mauracher explains, in an endless loop of sorts; in a way replicating the non-stop concept and forethought creating the foundations across the breadth of this project.

Showing the tension between mankind and nature, Mauracher recalls Scherabon’s process, telling us he “spent quite some time last year in the Amazon, 3D scanning trees and plants, actually whole forests, to manipulate and distort them digitally.” In doing so, interrogating our distortion with the environment we inhabit, something similarly reflected in the contrast between these wildly organic renders and the stark typographic treatment. “Nothing has been a purely visual or aesthetic decision,” Mauracher adds, “some might call it too conceptual now, but we think it was necessary to go deeper than what is out there already.”

In a thorough exhibition of typographic simplicity, Mauracher and Rindlisbacher adopted Neue Haas Grotesk Display as their powerful typeface of choice – revelling in its stoic, minimal and comprehensive construction – highlighting all the more by its monochromatic presentation. Further expanding on their questioning of the relationship between ecology and society, Mauracher explains that “the stark contrast between huge and tiny typography picks up the contrast between black and white,” adding, “between mankind (big, bold, destructive) and nature (small, subtle, quiet).”

Typeface: Neue Haas Grotesk by Linotype
3D: Herwig Scherabon
Sound: Felipe Duque
Photography: Felix Werinos

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