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The Brand Identity is an independent graphic design resource with a worldwide reach. We aim to empower the graphic design industry and those operating within it by providing a consistent, diverse and easy-to-use resource, made for all.

Our features are packed with inspiration and insights from the best designers in the world, with intuitive search and bookmarking tools on this site to aid their discovery. Our online store offers a highly curated selection of beautiful and functional products, from books and posters to mockups and templates. And our soon-to-launch jobs page will bring a new visual dimension to the design career.

Since 2015, we’ve been collaborating with the top 1% of designers, studios, agencies, type foundries and companies to showcase their work and products to our ever-growing global audience of more than 750,000 creatives and brands.

We have developed a reputation as one of the most respected platforms in the graphic design industry due to our curated approach, as well as our proven ability to help those we feature to increase their reputation, grow their following, acquire leads and attract employees.


Apply for a project feature

We handpick a small selection of projects from over 200 weekly applications to showcase across our platforms to our global audience. These projects are typically client work by designers, studios or agencies, but can also be self-initiated work.



Apply for an interview

Our Q&A-style interviews are video calls or written conversations with a member of our editorial team, allowing you to go in-depth into a specific subject in your own words. It might be to discuss the launch of your company. Or your new website, name or rebrand. Or you might just want to showcase your work, background and ethos as a whole. We can also facilitate joint interviews with you and your client to discuss the process behind a new project.



Apply for a typeface feature

Our typeface features showcase commercially available typefaces to our global audience, covering their key features, design process and purchasing information.



Advertise a brand

We work with a small selection of like-minded companies to present their brand or products to the best designers, studios and agencies in the world.

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