The Brand Identity

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Character brands a range of skincare products that are specifically crafted for mothers

After finding herself underwhelmed by the skincare products available for mothers, philanthropist Hope Smith launched her own. The result of months of experimentation, craft and working from personal experience, MUTHA and its first products, Body Butter and Body Oil, simply work, with no gimmicks.

Hope employed New York and San Franciso-based agency Character to create a brand for MUTHA that embodies her ambition and stands out in our crowded bathrooms.¬†They focused on motherhood for what it is: an ever-evolving cycle that’s unique, different and personal for every single person.

The identity, with its no-nonsense typography and bold layouts, represents the innate strength and bravery that radiates from every mother. MUTHA aims to command the room it finds itself in and bring out the individuality and confidence of its owner.

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