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Every day, our inbox overflows with interesting and inspiring projects from all over the world. To make sure more of them receive the attention they deserve, we have THE INBOX, a collection of five of the best projects, every week. If you are interested in sending us your work, download our submission guidelines by clicking here.

Hydrant is an all-natural electrolyte rapid hydration mix, formulated from the mind of an Oxford University scientist. The products are lightly flavoured with real fruit juice and designed to hydrate you faster and more efficiently than water alone.

Orlando-based agency Maven Creative was tasked with creating a characterful visual identity for Hydrant’s range of products. The vibrant solution combines columns of dots that represent the science, almost molecular in nature, with soft colours that change with the flavouring.

Irving Farm worked with the young farmers in Ocootepeque, Honduras to create a special limited edition blend of coffee. The profits from each bag sold go to, a non-profit organisation that helps the next generation of coffee farmers.

LA to NY-based studio Standard Black developed the packaging and accompanying printed goods, all set in the punchy sans serif Bebas Neue.

LUX, an Edinburgh-based agency specialising in food and drink, created the brand for Borough, a new independent restaurant in the Scottish port district of Leith. The relaxed, family-owned restaurant produce a simple, seasonal menu that uses a combination of traditional cooking methods, local ingredients and creative ideas.

The Museum of Kharkiv School of Photography, or MOKSOP for short, will open in 2020 in a building developed by A44 Architecture & Design Studio.

Kyiv-based branding bureau Moltò took on the task of designing the identity and accompanying communications for the museum. The typography, with its exaggerated contrasts, was inspired by the headlines of soviet newspapers that were present when the photography school was founded back in the ’70s. The M logo, that falls and adapts to the space it’s placed in, is an embodiment of the city’s life and society.

Janine Tanzer is an established jeweller, sculptor and silversmith, crafting incredibly intricate pieces inspired by ancient practices. After 40 years of focusing on her art and craft, Janine asked Studio Brave to develop her brand with the aim of creating stronger connections with galleries and curators, both locally and internationally.

The resulting visual approach references both the intricacy and narrative context found in her work. This inspiration is reflected in the elegance and simplicity of wordmark and supporting typography.

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