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Lukas Diemling’s identity for Wild Bunch reflects the Austrian winemaker’s avant-garde attitude

Based in the Kamptal region of Austria, Wild Bunch is a range of non-conforming natural wines from the mind of winemaker Matthias Warnung, looking to reinterpret the traditional winemaking process. Calling on Graz-based designer Lukas Diemling, the range’s identity and labels parallel their unapologetic and blazon attitude to tradition, keeping things typographically simple, visually striking and unburdened by unnecessary information.  

“We went for the simple typographic approach as it is the best contrast to the very rough and wild gold texture,” Diemling tells us, producing a strong graphic system that replies to the simplicity of beautifully set and pragmatically executed typography at its core. “RM Neue was the perfect fit for this approach,” he explains, “it has a very neutral feel, like Helvetica, but with more character,” also finding use for the more condensed construction of the typeface in comparison to its peers.

Flush with finishes, the strength of Diemling’s work is found in the label’s tactility; crafted as a result of expressive, striking textures and the contrary relationship forged between pattern and typography – in doing so echoing the premium quality of the product. Reflecting Warnung’s existing avant-garde attitude to the winemaking process in the context of Austria’s conservative, and somewhat old-fashioned, approach, the labels also demonstrate both Wild Bunch’s break away from the norm, as well as their shake-up of industry expectation.

Typeface: RM Neue by CoType Foundry

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