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Studio Oker designs an energetic identity system for Norwegian multi-genre music festival Mablis

Mablis is a multi-genre music festival that takes place annually in the VĂ„land forest, just outside the Norwegian city of Stavanger. Each year, the festival hosts artists from a plethora of genres and backgrounds, as well as a range of artistic and cultural activities.

For the visual identity, Stavanger-based Studio Oker found inspiration in the festival’s name, which originates from the local slang for marbles. They created an expressive series of patterns, reflecting marble textures and symbolising the diversity on show at the festival. The logo is an abstract interpretation of the letter M, with two eyes added, giving the festival an ownable character. Since the festival also is meant for kids, they quickly connected with the logo, and it is now known as the Mablis ‘troll of the forest’.

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