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The Merchery Club is here to help you produce beautiful and sustainable merch for your clients

“Aren’t we all tired of shit merch?” Merchery’s ​​Frédéric Jonsson asks. For the corporate merch service, ugly and poor-quality promotional items are everything they fight against. With a B Corp status, there is no compromising on sustainability or quality – sourcing each of their products individually and carefully, while being unafraid to say no if a product does not meet their environmental and aesthetic values.

Reinforcing this approach is their commitment to human-centred communication, having a dedicated team to understand customers’ needs rather than opting for the digitally automated. This communication across all touchpoints comes with the aim to be as transparent as possible, from raw material use and manufacturing locations to assessing the carbon footprint of each product. Ultimately, Merchery’s goal is to provide end-users with a product that they will actually use, as outlined in their manifesto, “if our products are beautiful and of high quality, people will keep them,” they highlight. “And if those items last, so will the brand. We want brands to shine in real life for the longest.”

Translating this ethos into a dedicated service for creative agencies, they have launched the Merchery Club, providing the design industry with easy access to high-quality products for use in their client projects, and most importantly, a smooth process for making them actually happen. Providing all of the necessary support to bring any creative vision to reality. As the Merchery Club’s motto goes, “if you can dream it, we can make it.”

What exclusive benefits does the service provide? First of all, the holistic experience for a Club member promises to be even smoother than going through the regular Merchery experience, offering more time, options and a dedicated team. Consider it the premium way to use Merchery. Working directly with their members, Club representatives invest the time into finding the perfect products for projects and embrace the challenge of sourcing the right one if it’s not directly available in Merchery’s usual catalogue.

The Merchery Club is here to help you produce beautiful and sustainable merch for your clients

As part of the Merchery Club service, PSD mockups are provided for most products, created by the Merchery design team, with more in the works as new products become available. Knowing that creative agencies are continuously trying to produce all kinds of different merch for clients, Merchery ensures that Club members are made aware of upcoming products, with samples of new and existing releases available on a regular basis. 

Having provided a pepper mill for Highsnobiety, and worked with DEPT® to create promotional long-sleeved t-shirts, they’re no stranger to working with brands and agencies of all shapes and sizes. “A recent product we made was a bottle for Pentagram,” Merchery’s Michael Lindberg reveals. “We used a Pantone matched powder coating to match the bottle colour with the client’s brand colour,” he adds, “then we used a 5D printer to print their new visual all over the bottle.”

The Merchery Club is here to help you produce beautiful and sustainable merch for your clients
The Merchery Club is here to help you produce beautiful and sustainable merch for your clients

Another collaborative benefit for the Club is access to Merchery’s product roadmap, allowing members to propose products or brands they’d like Merchery to add to their growing catalogue permanently. The extensive selection already includes almost anything and everything you can think of in one place, while being intelligently curated to a remarkable aesthetic standard; saving the time and energy that would otherwise be spent trawling through the offerings of multiple suppliers. It covers everything from office equipment, homeware and apparel, to more niche items like french presses, flat totes, wine stoppers and wash pouches. Furthermore, they offer exclusive access to brands such as Patagonia, Rains, Klean Kanteen and Secrid, allowing you to print your own designs on their classic items.

Signing up is free, simple and easy, with no time commitment and just a simple form to fill out with a few details.