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Bauhaus Now by Stan Hema

Bauhaus Now is a three-issue magazine, designed by Berlin-based branding agency Stan Hema, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus school and movement. Instead of focusing purely on the historical, it aims to capture modernity as an attitude rather than a style.

The magazine combines the Bauhaus’ less-is-more rationale and its experimental edge to create a contemporary take on the iconic aesthetic. Each issue is split into 3 parts by bold ‘disturber’ spreads that contrast with the monochrome, modernist approach seen throughout the magazine.

The Stan Hema team worked fluidly on the creation of all 3 issues, with designers developing content, and editors working on the look and feel in order to create a completely shared idea of what a modern Bauhaus magazine should look, sound and feel like. The typography evolves to reflect the theme of each issue, but despite their individuality, the magazines form one cohesive entity through content and aesthetic.

Typefaces: Lab Grotesque by Letters from Sweden, Stadt by Michael Cina and Totentanz by extrabrut
Paper: IGEPA Grenita and ProfiBulk 1.1

Amerikalinjen by Scandinavian...

Dadada by Order