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Previously we have reported on Brandpad, an online platform created to design and host a brand’s specification within a holistic experience beneficial for both designer and client. This was the result of rejecting the contemporary trend of insipid PDF specifications, which now take a peripheral role in the design process, and instead, taking the old school and reinterpreting it for the modern age. Looking at the old to embolden the new. 

Massimo Says is the latest endeavour in Brandpad’s quest to modernise and reinterpret –  this time tackling Lorem Ipsum by producing a text generator specifically aimed at aiding designers. Developed from researching how AI could benefit the Brandpad platform, and tired of the charmless entity that has now become the standard for placeholder text, Brandpad has succeeded in not only bringing character but content specificity to generating filler text.

“Massimo doesn’t take himself too seriously – zero ducks given.”

With a vocabulary fed by design literature, Massimo Says generates design specific text that looks explicit enough to not detract from design intent and provides scripture that is both hilarious and weird. From brand identity, serif choice and composition, to fake design conglomerates, discussion of the class system and dippy philosophical wisdom – Massimo’s uncanny personality borders on being unsettling but at the same time comes across as being your friendly design nerd. Brandpad explains that “Massimo doesn’t take himself too seriously – zero ducks given,” he is simply there to provide benign insight, commentary and a fun design alternative to the countless text generators online.

With an arguable return to the modernist, swiss-style brand identities of brutal simplicity in contemporary design, Brandpad has made sure to maintain a personality in what they offer and crucially not lose the element of fun that many studios, designers and clients forgo. In this spirit, Brandpad tells us to “share him, tweet him, write about him and, we hope, love him,” adding that “he is not perfect, he is not always correct, but he is all yours and we are very proud of him.” Ironically, the AI system Massimo Says contributes to making sure that in our pursuit of design perfection we don’t lose our humanity, aberrations and foibles. 

You can find Massimo at


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