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Fook’s identity for women’s health company Amanda takes a fresh perspective on body image

Based in Toronto, Amanda is a women’s health company with a particular focus on coaching and the shifting perspectives around body image. As well as aiming to free women of their inner critic, the company is striving to counter the often damaging perceptions set by the diet and wellness industries. Devised by Toronto and Edinburgh-based brand agency Fook, Amanda’s identity puts the company’s mission at the forefront of its communications.

“Amanda is a courageous client with an ambitious business,” Fook Partner Tiah Khuu explains, “she came to us wanting something that looked at body image with a refreshing perspective that challenged the previous presentations of this subject.” As a result, Fook’s solution outright avoids ‘diverse’ photography of people, instead, favouring to represent body diversity with expressive typography and colour.

At the core of the new look is the logotype, which takes advantage of Helvetica Now’s plethora of weights through an elegant gradual increase. “Putting this idea at the centre clearly communicates that no one body type is better than any other,” Khuu tells us. Not only does it represent visual diversity, but also speaks to themes of mental change and transition. “Knowing that people often can’t help but compare themselves physically, it was natural that we gravitated towards an identity that sheds any sort of suggestion about what body you should or shouldn’t be and almost denies you the chance to make that physical comparison. Instead, we pursued the idea that spoke to the mental journey that we all go through when our health changes,” Khuu reveals.

The use of powerful yet soft gradients furthers the identity’s connection to growth and change. Bright red conveys energy and positivity, while contrasting neutral tones aim to embody steady, gradual transition. Varying in intensity, the red acts as a highlight and brings a vibrancy to the understated character of the typography. Together, they form the basis of a warm, accessible and approachable visual identity system.

Typeface: Helvetica Now by Monotype

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