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Homework’s confident face-lift for skincare brand Jorgobé is subtle, simple and successful

Denmark-manufactured uni-sex skincare brand Jorgobé takes pride in wearing its principles on its sleeve; producing award-winning products that are cruelty-free, vegan and made without paraffin, parabens, silicones or dyes. To support this, they needed a face-lift themselves, reaching out to Copenhagen-based design and creative direction studio Homework to refresh their brand identity. Reflecting the raw and distinct nature of the brand’s message through a stripped-back approach, the resulting design dances between simplicity and minimalism.

Homework’s approach to the refresh was holistic, from tackling how the company digitally engages with their audience to refining the packaging design. This blossoming partnership is still ongoing, “Homework are exclusively designing the packaging and containers, as well as guiding Jorgobé on shapes, sizes and materials”, Homework’s Jack Dahl Sakurai tells us. Sakurai explains that their collaboration also extends into direct to customer content, noting that they are “heavily involved on an ongoing basis in creating all of Jorgobé’s digital storytelling such as producing engaging content and campaigns for social media and inspirational stock photos for the website and shop”.

The basis of Jorgobé’s modernisation was selecting Optima for their new logomark and monogram, designed for versatility across multiple digital and physical platforms. By using an instantly and commercially recognisable font, Homework has mirrored the skincare brand’s principles of honesty and transparency, thriving off the subtlety and coolness of Optima. The typeface truly sets the tone of voice for the brand, striking a balance between traditional and contemporary, delicately but confidently set within a sea of white space. 

The success of the identity is highlighted in the almost clinical nature of the packaging, demonstrating how the care and consideration given to the minimal elements of the design result in something that is serene rather than sterile. There is nothing superfluous in their creation, much like the skincare products themselves, with each part providing information and function. 

Typeface: Optima by Hermann Zapf
Photography: Nicklas Højlund Studio
Original packaging: Dyhrhagen

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