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Sergio Abstracts’ identity for jewellery studio Tony Blanco pairs punk attitude with composure

Madrid-based graphic designer and art director Sergio López aka Sergio Abstracts has crafted a notable identity for jewellery studio Tony Blanco that mirrors the brand’s contemporary practice, as well as the contrast of attitude and refinement present in their products.

Creating an ephemeral and tactile world for the brand to exist in – one of analogue photography, printed materials and abstract textures – there is a resulting sensitivity to the typographically-led graphic systems, and a candour to the resulting applications; an esteem matched in Tony Blanco’s consideration for the heritage of their industry, and the folklore of the craft. Subsequently, the abstract textures that recur across the identity are opportunities to make such cultural references; such as a book or a song. 

“These abstract images are curated to specific sensation,” López tells us, “and are manipulated to create a consistent series.” With their graphic treatment making references to the punkier, bolder side of the brand through their similarity to a fanzine and self-published aesthetic, the identity has a strong typographic grounding to counterbalance; providing the sophistication required to not lose the brand’s visual integrity. 

Opting for ITC Garamond Condensed Light and Colophon Foundry’s Aperçu Mono, López explains “the selection of the two typefaces was motivated by one technical and one emotional reason,” adding, “when they’re seen together, the contrast between their forms elevates both,” both technically and emotionally grounding one another. “ITC Garamond represents the beauty, humanism, imperfection, and effort behind the conceptualisation for each jewel,” López notes, using Aperçu Mono’s contrast to exhibit the jewellery’s precision and perfection.

Typefaces: ITC Garamond by ITC / Aperçu by Colophon Foundry
Photography: Pablo Gómez Ogando / Alejandro Carrillo / Lucía Peralta

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