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Vrints-Kolsteren reinvents Antwerp Art Weekend with an eclectic combination of blue and brown

Since 2014, non-profit organisation Antwerp Art has been helping the art scene in Antwerp grow by connecting and promoting the activities of its members: contemporary galleries, museums, initiatives and pop-up exhibition spaces. Every year they host Antwerp Art Weekend, an event consisting of talks, performances and presentations from the city’s leading artists.

Local studio Vrints-Kolsteren created the event’s identity in 2016, delivering a dynamic system that priorities typographic expression over a defined logo or mark. Each year, the organisation’s members are collated onto a map labelled the Antwerp Art Index. This map acted as the primary reference for the architectural lines that form the backbone of the visual system. The linework subtly collides with colour blocking and typography to build the characters’ AA’ (Antwerp Art) and ‘AAW’ (Antwerp Art Weekend).

Since the identity’s origin, Vrints-Kolsteren has returned for each new iteration of the event to boldly reinvent it through a fresh take on typography and colour. 2017 saw them play with a clash of pink, orange and red; while 2019 celebrated the organisation 5th anniversary with an oversized number 5. For 2020, the studio opted for an unusual combination of electric blue, chocolate brown and white, and introduced more stripes to the system than has been seen before. It’s undoubtedly no letdown, with Vrints-Kolsteren once again proving that this combination of Helvetica, colour blocking and linework will be fit for many more years to come.

Typeface: Helvetica by Max Miedinger

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