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Accompany’s spirited identity for digital event platform Behold utilises the strength of simplicity

Regarded for their physical spaces created for talks, conferences, expos and education institutions, InnovatED saw the opportunity to diversify following the COVID-19 pandemic, and sought to reimagine and personalise the digital event space. Behold… Behold; InnovatED’s reimagined online events platform that allows its users to totally customise the space to best suit their own brand. Seeking an identity that captures the innovative notion of their technology, Behold partnered with Sydney-based design studio Accompany to develop their brand, culminating in an elegant concoction of type and colour that thrives via the simplicity of its parts. 

Characterising the playful nature of Behold’s customisability and the technological rigour behind the product, Accompany partnered Bold Decisions’ sans serif Lars with a bespoke cut of Nora Kaszanyi’s floral serif Gaia Display to convey these components. “Central to the identity was the idea of ‘interchangeability,’” Senior Creative Elizaveta Pogossov tells us, looking to showcase the flexibility of Behold, and subsequently interchanging the wordmark’s letterforms with their contrary counterparts. “The contrast and distinction between the two fonts are unmissable,” Pogossov recalls, “and yet somehow, the unexpected combination worked,” developing the construction of Gaia so that its stroke weight perfectly matched that of Lars. “This ensured the wordmark remained consistent in its overall structure and form,” Pogossov adds, “regardless of the individual letterforms being swapped out.”

Making the confident decision to not overburden the brand with character and quirk, in doing so giving more space for Behold’s customers to flourish, Accompany applied a reduced colour palette across the identity – opting for a combination of monochrome and a fluorescent green titled Chartreuse. In doing so, these colour choices give room for the expressive typography to shine, and enliven the platform with something immediately striking, recognisable and ownable. “We also wanted to reference the digital context the brand exists within and add a touch of unexpected vibrancy,” Pogossov concludes, “and so Chartreuse was born (one of my fave colour names)!”

Typefaces: Lars by Bold Decisions / Gaia Display by Nora Kaszanyi

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