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COLLINS’ relaxing rebrand of dating site Match takes tonal inspiration from real-world ambience

In an exhibition of reverent typography and relaxing gradients, New York and San Francisco-based design company COLLINS have rebranded online dating platform Match in an effort to realign the brand with the contemporary online dating scene whilst looking to what the future holds.

In a sophisticated evolution of Match’s brand, COLLINS’ Senior Designer George Lavender explains how “we wanted Match to feel like the grown-up in the room,” in comparison to the numerous other dating apps that seemed somewhat more lucid and juvenile. Opting for Wulkan Display as their primary typeface to convey this maturity, Lavender explains how they were drawn by the friendly curves and natural flow that the typeface emitted. “We partnered with the typographer Jan Estrada-Osmycki, who designed Wulkan, to craft a wordmark that would be unique to Match,” he tells us, leading to a more playful customisation. “We wanted to evoke a feeling of closeness that felt like an invitation into the brand,” Lavender adds, showcased in elements such as the nestling ‘M’ and ‘A’ of the wordmark and the heart-shaped full stop. 

Supporting Wulkan Display is a dream team of typefaces that together bring a class, as well as an edge – including Reckless Neue and Beausite Classic – in an active shift away from the realm of autonomous, technologically heavy brands. “We were inspired by the notion of hospitality,” Lavender notes, “where every need is anticipated and thoughtfully attended to,” a contrast to the pay-wall and forcible engagement of other online dating platforms. In an abstract recollection, Lavender tells us “Match strives for the effortlessness of a concierge’s wave,” a figure that shows you your table and cares for you, “almost invisible but deeply appreciated.” By utilising Reckless Neue and Beausite Classic, COLLINS found an appropriate balance of ease and elegance; with a concoction that catches the eye without having to scream and shout. “On the other hand, we needed a highly functional typeface that could work seamlessly throughout the product experience,” Lavender adds, “Beausite Classic by Fatype is as accommodating as they come, and the perfect companion to sit alongside Reckless Neue.”

Accommodating COLLINS’ rigorous and refined typography is the prolific yet comforting use of gentle gradients, beginning with the existing brand blue as their starting point before experimenting with further warmer and more neutral colours. After great feedback, the team then created a dynamic system generating over 100 different blends of colours. “The new palette creates a more intimate setting for Match,” Lavender explains, finding inspiration from real-world environments for their colour choices rather than less natural, digitally-focused one, in which people are sharing personal information and forming relationships. “No glaring, bright colours, but a tonal palette that invites you to relax and enjoy dating with Match,” Lavender concludes, “from a dimly-lit restaurant to stroll around the park at dusk.”

Typefaces: Wulkan Display by The Designers Foundry / Reckless Neue by Displaay Type Foundry / Beausite Classic by Fatype
Photography: Mari Juliano / Theo Livaudais / Ashley Batz

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