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Every day, our inbox overflows with interesting and inspiring projects from all over the world. To make sure more of them receive the attention they deserve, we have THE INBOX, a collection of five of the best projects, every week. If you are interested in sending us your work, download our submission guidelines from our Information page.

REMAINS is a range of special balms and gels, made with natural ingredients, that treat, nourish and give strength to facial hair.

The identity and packaging, by Moscow-based designers Edgar Kirei and Polina Ivanova, is a visual homage to the remains of hair that end up in the sink or on the bathroom floor. The hair-like patterns vary for each of the three product lines: small dots for post-shave, straight and small lines for post-trim and curly lines for post-cut.

Min’s Table is a small Korean restaurant in Poznan, Poland. They specialise in Bibimbap, a traditional dish often served as a bowl of white rice topped with vegetables, kimchi, gochujang (chilli pepper paste), soy sauce, a raw or fried egg and sliced meat. The visual identity for the restaurant was designed by Cracow-based studio Radość Agency and included a collaboration with leading Polish streetwear brand Intruz.

Poznan-based studio Ground and Oslo-based studio Hugmun teamed up to design the identity for HAABS1, an architecture practice from Berlin.

Jens Sieben, Founder of HABBS1 briefed the studios, looking for an approach that “must be a well-constructed, but with that something”. The resulting identity is just that, with simple, structured typography and a muted colour palette used in contrast with playful applications of holographic foil. The stationery and business cards were printed in London by Dot Studio.

In Full View is an exhibition consisting of work from Melbourne-based artists, owned by collectors Corbett and Yueji Lyon, presented at the Housemuseum Galleries. The concept behind the exhibition revolves around the model of ‘living with art’ and the progression of a private collection going public.

The identity, by local designer Gemma Mahoney, revolves around the idea of curating movement through space. White space, resembling the floor plans of the gallery, is used dynamically across different applications to hold content.

Care/of exists to give people access to highly personalised nutrition through daily vitamin and supplement packs. Brooklyn-based studio High Tide partnered with the company shortly after its launch to create a packaging system that is thoughtfully designed around the user experience.

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