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Koto’s identity for Back Market is a protest against our collective obsession with new technology

Back Market is the leading marketplace for refurbished devices, offering everything from MacBooks to iPhones and Apple Watches. Fired up by the huge quantities of e-waste produced as a result of our collective obsession with the new, Back Market is challenging people to rethink their tech purchasing habits. By uniting the world’s best refurbishers in an easy-to-use marketplace, partnering with manufacturers and offering guarantees on all devices, it offers a viable alternative to buying new that’s better for the planet and a little bit kinder to the bank balance.

The identity, by international branding agency Koto, lives and breathes rebellion, embracing the flaws in the second-hand products as a protest against the system. Grilli Type’s characterful serif GT Super Display Super and a diverse set of stickers packed with rebellious slogans bring endless variation to applications and add a layer of humour to a product offering that’s traditionally straight-laced. The identity proves that while e-waste and obsolescence are subjects that should be taken seriously, there’s no reason we can’t have fun at the same time.

Typeface: GT Super Display Super by Grilli Type

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