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A Practice for Everyday Life brand Feilden Fowles with a delicate, stone-carving inspired typeface

Based in London, Feilden Fowles is an award-winning architecture practice working within the sectors of culture, education, heritage and master planning. It was founded in 2009 by Fergus Feilden and Edmund Fowles following the success of their first collaboration – a passive long-house found in the Brecon Beacons named Ty Pren. Since then, they’ve designed a multitude of buildings across the UK, from the Carlise Cathedral to the Natural History Museum’s Urban Nature Project; with each tied together by their appreciation for materiality, craft and historical reference.

Looking to be more representative of their approach to design, Feilden Fowles turned to fellow Londoners and designers behind their previous website A Practice for Everyday Life to reimagine their brand, print collateral and online presence. At the core of their solution is a bespoke sans serif typeface that, through its high x-height, curved forms and hand-drawn qualities, attempts to reflect the practice’s devotion to learning and collaboration. Subtly tapered stems add flair, softness and warmth to the typeface’s diagonal strokes while, alongside a gentle colour palette of greys and greens, pay homage to the craft of stone-carved letterforms.

Accompanying and complementing the typeface is a bespoke ‘FF’ ligature that behaves as Feilden Fowles’ shorthand logomark. Designed to be reminiscent of a sash window or maker’s mark, the ligature is used sparingly throughout applications of the identity; appearing primarily as a sign-off on printed collateral.

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