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Studio Dumbar creates a constantly moving and shifting identity for Amsterdam’s innovation district

Cumulus Park is a new district in Amsterdam’s Zuid-Oost suburb, designed to inspire collaborative innovation through its mix of work and event spaces, sports facilities, labs, lecture halls, research facilities and green areas. The development introduces business, residential and leisure opportunities to the area, with the ambition to attract the brightest minds from a variety of disciplines. Rotterdam-based design agency Studio Dumbar was appointed to define the strategic positioning and create the visual identity for Cumulus Park.

The desire is for the district to be an environment in which a broad spectrum of companies can thrive, independently or collectively, and for it to be a community where people work and play together. To reflect this, Darwin’s ‘diversity breeds’ mantra became the leading principle for the strategic positioning and main inspiration for the identity. As with many of Studio Dumbar’s recent projects, motion is the driving force in the visual language. Individual letters are composed of small, dynamic ‘particles’, forming words such as ‘share’ and ‘grow’. These particles are constantly moving, shifting and changing position; reflecting the endless sharing and exchanging of ideas between residents in the community. Studio Dumbar’s forward-thinking visual identity perfectly captures Cumulus Park’s position as an innovative platform and will evolve together with the district in the coming years.

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