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Toby Ng Design devises a rigorous typographic identity system for Hong Kong’s HKUMed

Despite being the longest established institution at the University of Hong Kong, as well as a pioneer in medical education, training and research, the HKU LKS Faculty of Medicine found its visual identity to be suffering from a multitude of hierarchical, graphic and communication issues. A severe lack of unity between sub-brands, an overbearing colour palette and dated typography to name just a handful. Seeking to refresh and improve their brand, they sought the assistance of Hong Kong-based branding studio Toby Ng Design.

With a multitude of schools and departments existing under the primary HKU LKS Faculty of Medicine master brand, the new identity required rigorous rationality to tie it all together. As a result, Toby Ng Design abbreviated the existing name to HKUMed, providing the basis for a concise and consistent typographic system. Unapologetically straightforward and functional, the identity maintains strong legibility across all scenarios, large or small, making it fluidly scalable across both print and digital applications.

In addition to the sans serif typography, Toby Ng Design created a geometric pattern constructed of medical crosses in multiple sizes to represent the scope of fields and people that operate within HKUMed. It’s applied subtly to print materials, providing an elegant character to the otherwise stark layouts.

Aiming to embody clinical cleanliness and technological advancement, as well as HKUMed’s pioneering position in the medical world, Toby Ng Design introduced a minimalistic palette of black, white and silver. By stripping away the multicoloured approach of the previous identity, not only does the colour scheme work fluidly, it allows the Faculty’s crest to be applied in a far more aesthetically pleasing, contemporary manner.

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