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Twoo combine flair, function and digital dynamism in their identity for Brazillian gallery Index

Beginning online before expanding into a physical space in Brasília, Index is a digital and physical gallery that serves as a showcase of Brazil’s modern and contemporary art scene. Although not stopping there, they also propose curatorial strategies in order to create dialogues between different generations of artists with varying cultural perspectives.

Looking for an identity upgrade alongside their move from screen to space, founding team Monica Tachotte and Marcos Mendes Manente turned to Twoo – the independent Barcelona-based design practice of Brazillian duo Danilo Campos and Carlos Kun. Both garish and graceful, their solution combines a distinctly digital green colour in reference to the gallery’s beginnings with a delightful serving of Brazilian flair and character.

Heading to Brazil, Twoo chose Rio de Janeiro-based foundry Plau’s rhythmic type family Vinila to lead the rebrand; finding it to represent both the solidity of Brasília and the modernity of its upcoming artists. The typeface is characterised by the ink-traps found across its diverse range of weights, be it bolder styles for commanding headlines or its elegant lighter weights for body copy and supporting information.

Also devising a new online presence for the gallery, Twoo chose to convey the feeling of an index by designing organised layouts capable of holding dense information. Finding inspiration in yellow list-style books of old, their index concept appears offline as well, with an A to Z style list of artists employed to represent the zeitgeist of the local art scene across printed ephemera and merch.

Typeface: Vinila by Plau
Photography: FRONT

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