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Plus X creates an elegant identity for South Korean actor management agency ANDMARQ

To reinvigorate their visual identity, as well as help them establish a new mutual respect between actors and agencies, South Korean management agency ANDMARQ commissioned the expertise of Seoul-based brand experience company Plus X. With so many companies of the same kind propelling themselves to success by piggybacking on the reputation and image of established actors, ANDMARQ sought to do things differently; instead choosing to focus on quality and long-lasting client relationships. That desire is captured within the company name itself, which through the compounding of ‘AND’ and ‘MARQ’ (finest, first-class), comes to mean ‘first-class partnerships with the finest artists’.

Plus X’s work translates the meaning of the company name into a sophisticated and thoughtful visual identity. At its core is a striking serif logotype, which in splitting the name in two in the majority of applications, leaves a space representative of both discovery of talent and company growth. The emphatically-crafted, highly-legible Neue Haas Unica provides typographic contrast, playing an intelligent supporting role to the eye-catching logotype. 

Aptly named ‘Confidence Red’, the primary brand colour stands for artists who have potential and enthusiasm, as well as ANDMARQ’s dedication to their future success. Together with black, white and grey, the colour palette gracefully delivers Plus X’s goal of an effortlessly elegant aesthetic.

Typeface: Neue Haas Unica by Monotype

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