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Tal Midyan transforms Gunna into the Vitruvian Man for the rapper’s second studio album 

WUNNA is the second studio album from North American hip-hop artist Gunna. It was released on 22 May 2020 to critical acclaim, with credit going to its “transportive production”, “soothing flows” and impactful guest appearances from the likes of Young Thug and Travis Scott.

New York-based Designer Tal Midyan, working under the direction of Spike Jordan, was hired by Gunna’s management to create the album’s artwork and accompanying merch. They decided to tell the world who Gunna’s WUNNA alter ego really is. After looking to the stars for answers, the team enlisted the 3D abilities of Berlin-based studio unfun to create an astrological breakdown of WUNNA’s personality. The cover depicts Gunna as the iconic Vitruvian Man alongside a reinterpretation of his Natal Chart based on his exact time and place of birth.

Midyan tells us that they “actually had a physical doll of WUNNA made” for the single cover of the album’s title track. They originally planned to reuse it for the album artwork, however, “Due to COVID, we knew a shoot would be difficult”, he adds. “We started playing with the 3D file of the doll, rendering it in different ways. We ended up liking that direction quite a bit and went for it.”

Although the 3D creation is very much the centrepiece of the project, the leading typeface, Romie by Margot Lévêque, builds on the concept and adds a subtle elegance. Midyan explains that “Given the astrology concept, I felt the type needed to feel elevated and educational. I also liked how the NN ligature looked in WUNNA, which was custom”.

Typeface: Romie by Margot Lévêque
3D/Animation: unfun

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