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Accompany convey trust, modernity and sensitivity in their identity for Stanford Brown

Bringing warmth and sensitivity to the generally unrelatable world of finance, Sydney-based design practice Accompany have made people the focus in their visual identity for financial service advisors Stanford Brown. Using the illustration of an elephant throughout, in a conveyance of Stanford Brown’s emotional intelligence, alongside a refined wordmark; the result of Accompany’s work is a personable, contemporary and emphatic identity.

In lieu of their intentions, Senior Creative Elizaveta Pogossov explains their typeface choices of Ayer Deck and Neue Haas Unica were to create something both modern and timeless. “Ayer is the perfect combination of a modern sans serif with the detailing of a classic serif,” she remarks, “and the ‘S’ looks almost swan-like!” Burgeoning on Neue Haas Unica’s simplicity, successful on both a large and a small scale, Pogossov notes that “with an understated identity like SB, you need type perfection, which it has.”

Underlying the identity is Accompany’s warm choice of colour; a foundational decision that, in the case of Stanford Brown, truly cements the objective of the company. “Colour was a big one,” Pogossov tells us “we knew the brand needed something both timeless and rich,” using green due to its association with “life, growth, harmony and freshness.” Pairing well with Accompany’s in-house illustrations, Pogossov suggests that their choice of green “has strong emotional correspondence with trust and safety and is believed to have great healing power for life and health.” 

Typefaces: Ayer Deck by Commercial Type / Neue Haas Unica by Monotype
Photography: Saskia Wilson

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