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Lukas Diemling boldly embraces repetition through a bespoke monospace for Bens Bier

Graz-based graphic designer Lukas Diemling has undergone the identity and packaging design for start-up brewery Bens Bier – crafting an immediate and impactful bespoke typeface as the cornerstone of the minimal but ultimately playful brand. Inspired by the typefaces Ferry by Letters from Sweden and Chaney by Atipo Foundry, Diemling explains the decision came down to availability. “Bens and Bier have the same amount of letters,” he explains, “we were searching for a wide and bold grotesk which is monospaced and didn’t find one which perfectly fitted our needs,” eventually deciding to produce it themselves.  

Complimenting their bespoke typeface with Founders Grotesk Condensed as their supporting typeface, Diemling recalls choosing the Klim Type Foundry classic as a result of the restrictions found with designing for a start-up – be it space, money or time. Thriving in the space-saving condensed cut of Founders Grotesk, the delicate aesthetic in its supporting role forms a striking contrast against the bravado of the wordmark – effortlessly culminating in a tenacious identity whose monochromatic confidence looks to stand out from the crowd. “The craft beer market in Austria and in central Europe, in general, is full of colourful labels and playful illustrations,” Diemling recalls, “so we decided to go the opposite direction to get the most attention and introduce Bens Bier as a new brand.”

Typeface: Founders Grotesk by Klim Type Foundry
Photography: Felix Werinos and Lukas Diemling

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