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Millie J Tyler creates a flexible identity system for Black and POC-led campaign group AIR UK

Against Institutional Racism, or AIR UK, is a Black and POC-led grassroots organisation that’s campaigning to change Great Britain’s policing and education legislation. They also use their Instagram account to feature under-reported or misrepresented news stories and to spotlight inspirational Black and POC individuals.

London-based designer Millie J Tyler lent her design ability and experience to help AIR UK with their launch. “The founder of the organisation, Ella Le Tang, contacted me for a logo, and after a discussion, I suggested it would be more beneficial if I came back with a visual identity and social strategy”, she explains.

The resulting identity system focuses on flexibility by using thick lines as sectional dividers. It’s simple, informative and fit to hold a diverse palette of messaging and imagery. The typography is direct and uncompromising through the selection of Martin, a Memphis Sanitation Strike-inspired sans from Black-owned type foundry VOCAL. Speaking on why she selected it, Tyler explains that she “took massive inspiration from the simplicity of protest posters and the visual language that surrounds them”, in search of “something that can work in campaigning but also communicate to governments and institutions”.

The vibrant colour palette represents AIR UK’s position as a voice of hope and optimism, while paying respect to the approach taken by the Black Lives Matter movement. “AIR aims to make activism accessible to everyone”, Tyler adds, “so whilst the palette is used for important information, the juxtaposition between orange and blue create a really fun, vibrant language that anyone can engage with”.

Typeface: Martin by VOCAL

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