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Mythology creates a characterful and charismatic identity for cat care company Cat Person

Cat lovers Jimmy Wu and Lambert Wang found themselves wondering why cat products are always neglected to the back of the pet store and why it’s so difficult to figure out what actually goes into cat food. They realised that their sentiments were shared by fellow feline admirers around the world, and set out to bring some much-needed love and thought to the cat caring experience.

With an established desire ‘to raise expectations of what a cat company can be’ and months of cat-centric research, Cat Person launched online in March 2020 with a full line of essentials designed for cats and the people who love them. All of their products, which include wet and dry food, wellness treats, beds, bowls and toys, are simple, healthy and easy to understand.

Cat Person’s brand was developed by New York-based creative studio Mythology, from the company’s name to its visual identity, packaging and photography. Just like a cat, the resulting identity feels soft, playful, elegant and packed with personality. The wordmark is derived from a lightweight cut of classic American serif Cooper, incorporating a whimsical ‘Ca’ ligature as a subtle reference to a cat’s tail.

Paul Davis’ illustrations add to the playfulness and reinforce the intentionally lo-fi, simplistic nature of the typography. The photography, by David Robert Elliott, seeks to both challenge stereotypes about cat people and celebrate the bond between cat and owner by depicting a universal moment of endearment.

Typefaces: Cooper BT by Oswald Cooper  / Neue Haas Grotesk by Christian Schwartz and Max Miedinger
Illustration: Paul Davis
Photography: David Robert Elliott

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