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Bruch’s identity for refurbished Salzburg hotel The Mozart blends tradition with modernism

The Mozart is a boutique hotel in the heart of Salzburg that, to quote one of its guests, “offers a perfect combination of fascinating history and modern luxury”. It’s located in Andräviertel, a popular district referred to as the ‘Paris of Salzburg’ for its bustling streets, restaurants and concept stores. Guests have enjoyed the hotel’s 31 rooms and bistro since the 1950s, often charmed by its classic reputation and values.

The hotel underwent a year-long refurbishment in 2018, expanding on its traditional values while updating its appearance and offering in-line with the requirements of modern guests. Like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, whose music has proved to be timeless, the hotel has evolved into a ‘modern classic’.

Graz-based studio Bruch placed this evolution at the centre of The Mozart’s visual identity, created in tandem with the building’s interior refurbishment. Naturally, Mozart’s music acted as the studio’s starting point, leading them to a multifaceted graphic language constructed from abstract interpretations of well-known musical elements. The typography captures the hotel’s updated values, with the classic nature of Hungarumlaut’s serif Amen Display providing a stark contrast to the modernist feel of Forgotten Shapes’ Gerstner Programm. The graphic patterns and typography are combined with a sophisticated colour and material palette, reaffirming The Mozart’s timeless position.

Typefaces: Amen Display by Hungarumlaut / Gerstner Programm by Forgotten Shapes

Paper: Fedrigoni Sirio Color / Fedrigoni Ceylon / Fedrigoni Freelife / Fedrigoni Materica
Photography: Pia Clodi

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