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Brand Brothers’ all-seasons graphic system for Bécot is a showcase of variety and liveliness

Paris and Toulouse-based dynamic design duo Brand Brothers have brought together an eclectic and playful identity for Bécot – an events company specialising in morning-based proceedings; bringing together breakfast, music, sport and more. Having designed the characterful, punchy wordmark, it was Brand Brothers’ responsibility to realise Bécot’s equally punchy and energetic intentions – developing their identity into a fully comprehensive and generative graphic system. 

In line with the studio’s typographically-led methodology, Brand Brothers’ co-founder Johan Debit explains “both the pleasure of being together, the positive vibes, and the notion of morning” is what guided their graphic decision making. “We typographically translated it with extremely thick characters,” he recalls, “with a solid base, round counterforms, a smiling ‘E,’ but also a rising sun cleverly hidden in the ‘O.’” 

The typefaces in question are a combination of FK Screamer and Ortica Light, an unexpected yet engaging pairing, whose contrasts to one another provide great scope for graphic interaction. “The combination of the two characters allows us to create real visual dissonances,” Debit explains, “sometimes we want to express certain messages in a powerful way, and others in a calmer tone,” something possible within the same identity due to this pairing. Highly complimentary, Debit adds “these two typefaces are very well designed,” explaining, “they have a perfect rhythm, a rather magnetic presence, and subtleties that make all the difference.”

This inherent contrast of quiet and volume is also translated in the vivacious colour palette, having the rich black convey the punch and an off-white provide a more calming retreat. “We needed a more reassuring colour, more comfy than white, to differentiate Bécot from other Parisian cultural events,” Debit tells us, “after a few tests, off-white became one of the major elements of the visual identity.” More vibrant colour was utilised in the visual system for individual events, where no colours were barred from being included. “That’s what makes the visual system generous,” he adds, constantly renewing their seemingly infinite archive of shapes, gradients and textures to reflect “different moods and energies” to be used across the identity’s application. Succinctly summarising the brand’s intentions, Debit concludes “this allows us to express the variety of what Bécot will propose on Saturday morning; from a peaceful yoga session to a mix of disco house.”

Typefaces: FK Screamer by Florian Karsten Typefaces / Ortica by Collletttivo

The Designers: Stan Haanappel...

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