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Every day, our inbox overflows with interesting and inspiring projects from all over the world. To make sure more of them receive the attention they deserve, we have THE INBOX, a collection of five of the best projects, every week. If you are interested in sending us your work, download our submission guidelines from our Information page.

Specialising in bespoke carpentry, ACC work alongside architects to develop every aspect of the woodwork within a construction project, from sourcing materials from sustainable sources to design, planning and execution. Their visual identity, which was produced in close collaboration with Amsterdam-based studio An Open Understanding, is led by a characterful wordmark set in Domenico Barreto’s Evangelion – a Wim Crouwel-inspired display typeface that’s equally reminiscent of craft and construction. Ranging from black to white to brown, the colours palette was derived from the architecture of ACC’s home in the coastal English city of Brighton, as well as natural wood textures and colour theory. The attention-grabbing wordmark is fittingly accompanied by a far more supportive companion – Helvetica Neue – which as described by An Open Understanding’s James Kirkup, “just worked.”

Radix is a software system that runs and tracks experiments, maximising efficiency within laboratories and reducing the time scientists spend with physical equipment. With backing from MIT’s ‘tough-tech’ incubator The Engine, Radix approached San Francisco-based design studio Landscape for help defined their brand, strategy and digital presence. Their solution combines pragmatic typography with fluidly-moving abstract forms, aiming to illustrate the functionality and seamlessness of Radix’s largely invisible software system.

Owned and run by two native New Yorkers since 2017, Tenuta Marino is an Italian vineyard producing wine and olive oil inspired by the Marche region in which it resides. Described by its owners as “having a bit of everything,” the central yet coastal area is home to everything from snow-capped mountains and lush green hills to the crystal clear Adriatic Sea. Taking cues from that sheer diversity, London-based branding agency IWANT developed a series of abstract patterns for the brand’s packaging by pressing grapes and ink together into paper and allowing them to flow seamlessly. The patterns are accompanied by a robust yet delicate wordmark constructed from thick and thin lines, aiming to represent the vineyards owners transition from the big city to the Italian countryside.

Founded in Brooklyn in 2008, People’s Pops is a ‘foodie-favourite’ brand of popsicles made with whole fruit, simple ingredients and unique flavour combinations. Aiming to capitalise on their popularity after over a decade in the game, People’s Pops commissioned NYC-based creative agency Saint Urbain for help with their visual identity and packaging. Focusing on the brand’s summer-loving, vibrant spirit, Saint Urbain have combined soft colours, warming illustrations and vintage typography to reinvent People’s Pops as a happy and healthy product made by happy and healthy people.

Based in Kuwait, Fam is aiming to bring a new take on doughnuts to the Middle East through high-end ingredients and eccentric designs, with flavours ranging from ‘Chocolate Therapy’ and ‘Cinnamon Hugs’ to ‘Mastachio’, ‘Pecan Pancake’ and ‘Dark Mode’. Commissioned to develop Fam’s brand strategy, visual identity and packaging, Madrid-based design studio fagerström created a friendly yet minimalistic graphic language that conveys fun and positive energy. At its core is a lowercase wordmark and accompanying dot pattern constructed from the counter-shape of its ‘a’. Not only is the dot subtly representative of a doughnut, but it also communicates the idea of a large community or family when used in a pattern as a wholesome reference to the brand name.

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