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Every day, our inbox overflows with interesting and inspiring projects from all over the world. To make sure more of them receive the attention they deserve, we have THE INBOX, a collection of five of the best projects, every week. If you are interested in sending us your work, download our submission guidelines from our Information page.

Aiming to promote the work of upcoming Italian graphic and type designers, Pittogramma have released their second issue ‘Caratteri Inediti’ – which translates to ‘Unpublished Typefaces’ and quite literally showcases as such. The issue contains seven typefaces by seven designers under the age of 30 and two passages of text written by three typographers – AlfaFont, Alessio D’Ellena and Michele Patanè; as well as a poster designed by open-source foundry Collletttivo. Consisting of 32 pages and sized at 240mm x 336mm, the magazine features a striking two-tone approach to colour and playful type-led layouts sprinkled with a variety of illustrations. Each typeface is dedicated its own unique spread – the layout of which Pittogramma tell us “has been decided and designed thinking and studying each typeface.” Pittogramma 01 – Caratteri Inediti is available to purchase here:

Created in 2002, the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award is an annual literary award formed by the Swedish Government in memory of famed children’s writer Astrid Lindgren and to support and expand access to children’s literature. The award carries a cash prize of 5 million Swedish Kronor, making it the most significant award of its kind in the world. Commissioned to rebrand the award in line with its growing international reputation, Swedish branding agency Happy F&B developed a distinctive and dignified solution centred around a custom-drawn portrait of Lindgren; as well as a sophisticated palette of warm colours and an elegant combination of serif and sans serif typography. Lindgren’s very own cryptic shorthand writing appears as a graphic pattern, adding a decorative texture to layouts while subtly hinting at the story behind her iconic writing process.

Hoping to improve the lives of plants, people and our planet, Plenty is a San Francisco-based indoor vertical farming company that uses less space and fewer resources than traditional processes to grow flavourful produce. New York-based creative agency &Walsh took on the job to rebrand Plenty with two goals in mind – the first was to convey the flavour of their produce, and the second was to create a warm, approachable and accessible identity system. &Walsh’s solution is exactly that, with pulsating colours and a custom typeface helping the brand to feel delicious. Intended for display sizes of 32pt and above, the construction of ‘Plenty Custom’ was directly inspired by plants. Taking the form of a humanist sans serif, it avoids straight lines at nearly every opportunity, instead opting for curved and tapered strokes, corners and terminals reminiscent of leaves and stems.

Created by husband and wife duo Clara Díez and Adrián Pellejo, FORMAJE is a Madrid-based artisan cheese store, within which they offer shopping, talks, tastings and meetings. Devised by Barcelona’s Ana Mirats Studio, the store’s identity communicates the delicacy and craftsmanship of its products through a custom serif logotype and refined colour palette. The former’s stacked application references the stacked arrangement of the cheeses within the store; while the warm tones of the latter are inspired by the physical makeup of the store, which contains stone, granite and wood.

Silversquare is home to a highly efficient and collegial family of coworking spaces throughout Belgium and Luxembourg; with each space designed and crafted by a guest decorator or artist in order to offer a standalone experience. Challenged with retaining the youthful and flamboyant personality of Silversquare’s original identity while adding a layer of maturity, global agency Base Design developed a dynamic, user-friendly graphic system that effortlessly combines a range of simple yet vibrant modular elements. Inspired by spatial planning, blocks of colour combine, overlap and interact with Dinamo’s technical sans serif Favorit to evoke the variety, mastery and professionalism of Silversquare’s spaces.

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