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Nother recreates vintage fruit stickers for craft microbrewery Confrérie Artisans Brasseurs

Confrérie Artisans Brasseurs is a craft microbrewery in Québec, Canada that offers a range of seasonal fruit beers. Unlike most other fruit-based alcoholic beverages, which add fruit flavours at the end of the process, Confrérie combines their apples, cherries, pears and more with the beer during the fermentation process. This method not only has a more significant impact on the flavour but also enhances the freshness of the product.

Wishing to move away from the stereotypical beer brand aesthetic, the brewery employed Montreal-based studio Nother to redesign their visual identity and packaging. The logo is a contemporary play on a traditional crest, devised in reference to the English translation of ‘Confrérie’ to ‘brotherhood’ or ‘fraternity’. However, it’s more than just a logo – it’s a flexible device that adapts to incorporate collaborations, names of brewers and more.

Klim Type Foundry’s Domaine Display Condensed is used as the primary typeface throughout the brand. Nother explains that its “vintage and heritage look was perfect in the brotherhood crest design” and that “it seems that the letters were forged by hand in steel, which communicates the artisanal and handmade side of the small exclusive brews of Confrérie Artisans Brasseurs”.

The beers cans themselves are a colourful homage to vintage fruit stickers, a globally-recognised format that closely aligns with the brewery’s authentic, local approach. To make them feels as genuine as possible, Nother stretched, enlarged and destroyed Domaine’s letterforms to stack and curve in several variations. They differ in shape, size and colour for each beer type, while the consistent use of the same typeface pulls all of the eclectic elements together. The cans feature an organic dot texture, which was designed to evoke handmade craft as well as the irregular surface of the fruit.

Typeface: Domaine by Klim Type Foundry
3D and illustration: Zachary Blais
Motion: Samuel Charpentier
Photography: Vincent Castonguay / Alex Larrivée

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