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The Birthdays Design returns to brand Athens’ Burger Fest for the third year in a row

Athens’ Burger Fest is the city’s largest food festival and the first exclusively dedicated to burgers. The two-day festival returned in 2019 for its fourth consecutive year, offering up burgers and beer from the country’s most prestigious restaurants alongside a programme of concerts, DJ sets, games and challenges.

Local creative office The Birthdays Design was commissioned to reinterpret Burger Fest’s visual identity for the third year in a row. The visual language changes annually but retains a custom typeface, BF Extended, that is primarily used for the logotype and has been in place since the festival’s foundation. 

For 2019, The Birthdays Design created a new version of the typeface called BF Neue, typeset in an overlapping, sentence case style so its own distinct character shines through whilst retaining a subtle connection to the logotype. The typography is used alongside a colourful palette of geometric shapes, designed to playfully represent the indescribable and unpredictable flavours of the burgers on offer. The elements come together to feel intentionally hectic, mirroring the feeling of being the middle of a lively festival packed with new experiences at each and every turn.

Typefaces: BF Extended / BF Neue (custom)

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