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Ana Paula Alves’ 15-year career in the fashion industry has allowed her to gather extensive research from every corner of the world. Now settled in Buenos Aires, she’s pumping her comprehensive knowledge into denim consultancy programmes, worldwide research trips and thematic meetups through her new venture, Be Disobedient.

The company’s identity was designed by Dutch art director Tim Tijink to appeal to fashion-focused individuals in a simplistic yet powerful way. The typography is playful, but intentionally clear enough to communicate Be Disobedient’s slightly unusual name. Colours and photography are bold and expressive, coming together with the typography to form a confident and friendly identity system.

BIAS is a British fashion brand that makes silk slip dresses in limited edition patterns and seasonal colours. Each design is produced as part of small, numbered run, so once they’re gone, they’re gone.

London-based brand consultancy Y Wilson created BIAS’ visual identity, combining colourful paper stocks and foils in order to compliment the dresses. These tactile print finishes form part of a small printed folder that accompanies each and every order.

Satori Time is a ‘modern, designed-focused lifestyle brand’ that offers high-end cannabis products made with CBD. The name of the company refers to Buddhist traditions of self-realisation, enlightenment and self-actualisation.

butter creative studio was asked to create the packaging for Satori Time’s new line of products. Together with Polish designer and art director Maciej Bączkowski, they decided to develop a system based around a set of leafy geometric forms, set in a unique arrangement and colour scheme for each product to differentiate between the types of cannabis on offer.

Elixr is an independent coffee house and award-winning roaster with multiple locations in Philadelphia. Their whole bean coffee packaging has been redesigned by local studio Smith & Diction to feel like ‘a hidden gem’.

The simple handheld boxes are minimal on the outside, doing away with any kind of clutter or coffee snobbery and leaving space for future collaboration opportunities. Each blend is represented by an illustration, taking advantage of characterful names like Lunar Lander and Beekeeper Espresso.

It’s Super is the branding studio of Los Angeles-based designer and former freelancer Julie Eckert. The studio’s visual identity is designed to feel just as clean and simple as that of any other studio, but with an injection of playful energy. Eckert chose to use a custom version of Azo Sans, paying tribute to typography from TV, games and comic books from the 90s, the decade in which she spent the majority of her childhood.

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