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Brand Brothers create a “chubby and tasty” identity system for French pet food brand Petty Well

Petty Well is a French dog and cat food brand that produces tailored recipes defined by a pet’s breed, weight, activity levels, allergies and more. Solely available through a subscription model, their healthy, grain-free products have catered to an audience of more than 4000 customers since launching in 2019; making them one of France’s leading brands for pets.

Commissioned to reinvent Petty Well’s identity to match their growing status, Paris and Toulouse-based studio Brand Brothers developed a warm and welcoming graphic language with a “chubby and tasty” bespoke logotype at its core. The typeface merges upper and lowercase letters, casting easy legibility aside in favour of playful personality and intentional awkwardness – a choice Brand Brothers’ Johan Debit tells us came from wanting to match “the dogs and their jovial, humorous and clumsy character.”

“We also wanted to bring a certain form of radicalism in this visual identity,” Debit continues, “making a break from the usual animal food brands, which are often too naive or too medical.” Despite taking up most of the real estate by appearing as the logotype, background pattern and informing a series of bubbly illustrations, the custom typeface is also accompanied by a complimentary duo of supporting typefaces. Young Serif from Open Foundry acts as its main counterpart, a selection Debit explains came “from the desire to enrich the visual universe with contrasting but charismatic characters.” Its rounded, friendly forms feel suitably in line with the logotype without overdoing it, while Studio René Bieder’s sans serif Freigeist plays a more sober role; appearing in small sizes to communicate additional information such as dates, hashtags and ingredients.

The colour palette of choice provides a further layer of flair to the visual language, standing on par with the custom typeface’s positivity while not worrying too much about when and where it should be employed. “We initially considered making more rules about the use of each colour,” Debit reveals, concluding that “it became clear during the project that moving towards a free and intuitive use of the colour is more in line with Petty Well’s spirit and gives better visual results.”

Typefaces: Custom lettering by Brand Brothers / Young Serif by Open Foundry / Freigeist by Studio René Bieder

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