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Harrison Fun brands Les Enfants, using 14 colours to represent the studio’s 14 video directors

Les Enfants is a Montreal-based creative studio that produces and designs commercial ads for television. They operate as a collective of 14 directors, with each available to hire individually or as part of a wider team.

The studio’s visual identity, by local agency Harrison Fun, reflects their idiosyncratic way of working with a palette of 14 1970s-inspired colours and an uppercase application of Hoefler&Co’s distinctive, ‘functionalist’ sans serif Isotope. The typeface was designed to feel both purposeful and luxurious, which as a result, gives the identity a strong and memorable presence.

The stacked wordmark was created using the negative space found in Isotype’s capital ‘E’, allowing the two to work harmoniously together thanks to their married proportions. A coloured and geometric pattern, that once again plays with the negative and positive space of the ‘E’, offers an energetic and playful contrast to the identity’s more straightforward typographic executions.

Typefaces: Isotope by Hoefler&Co / Beausite by Fatype
Photography: Kelly Jacob
Model agency: Folio
Web development: Le Séisme
Animation: Studio Nord Est

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